Bee Nutrition: The Next Step

A Cutting Edge Seminar on Bee Nutrition
Saturday, March 18, 2017
Mettawa, IL
100 Grainger Pkwy, Lake Forest, IL 60045

From the Daily Herald: Saving struggling bee populations focus of Lake County seminar

Building a better hive may seem like a niche activity, but given that a third of the food on our dinner plates on any given night relies on pollination by bees, the mission is far-reaching.

And because bee colonies continue to be felled by colony collapse disorder, finding a way to keep them alive and strong are key issues for scientists as well as hobbyists.

That will be among the topics March 18, when nationally known experts convene at the W.W. Grainger corporate office in Lake Forest for the day long Mettawa Bee Seminar.

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